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    a cross platform functioning button

      I'm building a hybrid CD that has buttons in it that launch .pdfs.
      To do so on the PC side I'm using JStart so that when a button is clicked it runs an executable that launches the .pdf in Reader:
      on (release) {
      fscommand("Exec", "JSTART_GS_02gs.EXE");

      FYI - "JSTART_GS_02gs.EXE" points to the .pdf called GS_02gs.pdf

      On the MAC side I'm using a get url command to launch the .pdf:
      on (release) {

      fscommand is the folder where the .pdfs and JStart files are located. They have to be here in order for them to launch correctly on the PC side.

      Rignt now I have two buttons for each .pdf - one for MAC and one for PC. I'd like to use just one button for both of these commands. If I put both of these commands on one button they both work, however on the PC side it also pulls up a blank web page due to the "get url" for the MAC side. Is it possible to have the PC side ignore the "get url" command, but not ignore it on the MAC side? Should I be using an entirely different code structure to make this happen?