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    Help with Library Management - duplicate files, single develop settings.

    Life By Tara

      I use Lightroom 5 and local disk as my supposed master.

      I use GoodSync and an external drive as my backup.


      When I am traveling I use my Macbook and the external drive - and this has caused the following problem;

      Instead of just being a backup, my external drive is now a folder in Lightroom.

      The develop settings are associated with the files on that drive and I have duplicates through the synchronisation process that I run with Goodsync.


      Can I move the develop settings (All, Automagically) back to the files located on my local drive and remove the folder from Lightroom?
      I will manage my backup process differently.


      Or .. do I create a new catalog and import the files from ... the external drive first? Or the local?
      Possibly external to ensure I don't lose any settings?


      Any advice, especially if someone else has found themselves in this predicament, would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you