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    Issues with Photoshop CC 2014


      I have lost the ability to be productive since purchasing the photographers CC plan and installing Photoshop CC 2014.


      1. Send photo from Lightroom 5.7 to PSCC 2014 then edit using photoshop and NIK collection plugin. Photo begins to loads into PSCC2014 then hang-up and PSCC stops responding causing me to force quit PSCC or photo loads into NIK Collection Plugin without any issues, editing is performed, but when I click "OK" the program hangs up, ( photoshop stops responding), resulting in a Force Quit and loss of all work.


      2. Send image from Lightroom 5.7 to Photoshop CC 2014 using "Edit In". PSCC2014 hangs up while loading image and has to be forced to quit or it loads photo, work is preformed and after clicking "SAVE" to return to LR 5.7 photoshop hangs up and stops responding, causing loss of all edited work.

      I have uninstalled PSCC 2014 along with presets and then reinstalled. No change in outcomes! I have updated and reinstalled the NIK Collection Plugin with no change in outcome. I am unable to get any work done for the last 4 days. I am considering canceling my CC account and trying to return to working with LR 5.7 and Photoshop CS6 as I had before purchasing CC photographers plan providing I can with success return to that configuration.

      Can anyone help? I sure hope so.

      Thanks… gwj