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    Moved Graphics Don't Display In Flash Output

      Following on from my previous post (re the problems I have had following an upgrade from v4 to v6) in which I mentioned that many of my graphics do not display in preview mode, even having moved the project to my C drive and even though the images do display in compiled .chm output, they still will not display in preview mode or in compiled Flash output (have not yet tested WebHelp).

      However, this does not apply to all of the graphics in my project - It would appear that the problem images are only those which having opened the project in v6, I moved into a central graphics folder (using the Project view).

      Beforehand, all my images were scattered throughout the project folders which made it a nightmare to manage so I decided to move those which were not already located in my 'Images' folder, into it!

      Although the file moves seemed to work without any problems and the code in the 'True Code' view points to the correct location (and does not show any obvious differences between graphics which do display in preview mode and those which don't) - all I get is a box the size and shape of the graphic containing a small red cross!

      Any suggstions gratefully received as always.

      Ta much