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    Fade in/out effect?

    babafafasdf Level 1


      Is there any way to add fade in/out to beginning/end of a large quantity of clips, similar to the way I can select all clips and apply an effect through sequence -> apply default transition to selection? Yes I know I can use the pen tool to manually animate opacity, but there has to be a way than manually drawing lines for every single clip? That'll take forever. Isn't there an effect in effects library that fades in/out by manipulating opacity? I've tried all the effects under video transitions -> dissolve, none of them purely manipulates opacity, rather they either gradually fade in a solid colour (dip to black/white) or simultaneously fading out a clip and fading in the other, similar to cross dissolve. I need the first clip to fade out, then when it's completely gone the second one fades in. Is there a quick way to do this?

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          DMH79 Level 2

          Yes. One way is to create a preset with the opacity settings. Create a fade in using keyframes, then go into the effect controls and right-click on Opacity and Save a preset for fade in. Go to your effects panel now and make right-click on the newly created custom preset and select anchor to in point. Then do the same for fade out setting it to anchor to the end of the clip. Then you can highlight all the clips you wanna add these two presets to and then select both of the presets and drop them on the highlighted clips and they'll be applied to all the clips. Hope that makes sense.

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            Awesome, worked perfectly. Thanks.