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    Premiere Pro instability while editing 4K UHD Prores

    Romsdalsfilm Level 1



      I have severe instability issues with Premiere Pro while editing 4K UHD Prores from the Odyssey 7Q recorder.


      While editing native footage goes smooth and well, it all goes out the window while applying much needed effects.


      The instability is general. Meaning, Media Encoder crashes while trying to output. Premiere Pro crashes while trying to save project. It crashes while applying color correction with Three way color corrector plugin.


      The only 3rd party effect in use is Denoiser II. While it is only active in the final stage upon encoding into release format, it is not even part of the project until that moment. So it should not be rensponsible for the instability leading up until the crash of Media Encoder.


      The other effects are:


      Fast color corrector (adjustment layer)

      Lumetri curves (adjustment layer)

      RGB curves

      Lens Distortion

      Warp Stabilizer

      Three way color corrector


      The machine specs are:

      i7 3930K @stock

      64gb ram

      ATI R290x OpenCL card

      Corsair 1050w PSU

      Windows 8.1

      4K UHD resolution





      Premiere Pro now also crashes when i am importing the project. I managed to export it to FCP XML on the second try, but now all my online work is missing and i have to redo several days work on an already stretched deadline. I am loosing money on this.