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    Broadcast legal levels when downscaling

    Peter DPP Level 1

      Has anyone else experienced any problems when downscaling content from HD to SD prior to delivering to broadcaster.

      Whenever I do it my luma levels get pushed out of broadcast safe, and my spot is rejected. The only workaround I have found is to use Resolve for any downscaling, which is not an ideal solution.


      I on a Mac Pro 5,1, using Premiere Pro CC 2014 2014.1 release (8.1.0 (81) Build).

      Workflow is as follows:

      1. Edit in HD timeline (Apple ProRes 422 or Uncompressed 8-bit YUV)
      2. Choose Export -> Media
      3. Setup export settings. (Format doesn't really matter. The problem shows regardless.)
        • Format: MXF Op1a
        • Video Codec: IMX 30 PAL
        • Aspect D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9
        • Render at Maximum Depth
        • Set Start Timecode to Zero
        • Use Maximum Render Quality


      I always double check my results in ScopeBox as well as Premiere's internal meters. Everyting looks fine:



      When the export is finished I check it again with ScopeBox, and now the file looks like this:


      And it is rejected because of illegal broadcast values.

      Is anyone else seeing the same thing?