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    Exporting Highlighted Text from a PDF

    KStevenson Level 1

      I'm creating a publication in Indesign, a pdf of each chapter being reviewed by its author, usually highlighting "keywords".


      I need to be able to export text "highlighted" in PDFs as a text file.


      In Acrobat XI's Comment/Comments List I get a list of the highlighted items, page and time and choose "Export all to Data File..." which creates a smaller ".fdf" file which is of no use as it needs the source file to open.

      Creating a "Comment summary" also adds the fact that the document was highlighted but not the content or text that was highlighted.

      The PDF documents I have will be reviewed by their authors and have selected words highlighted and added to an index or reference. I need a simple way of allowing them to highlight the "keyword" in the pdf which I can export as a text document.