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    Change Sequence from HD to NTSC after video build complete


      Using Premiere Pro CS5 I inadvertently left the Sequence in HD format instead of changing back to NTSC.  I complete the whole video (48 minutes) but when I exported it I found myself with a small resolution  product about half the size it should be (400 MB instead of 800 MB).  My question: Is it possible to go into the video and change something so that when I export the timeline it comes out suitable for the standard youtube video.



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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi patlandy,


          More info needed, is the source video being edited SD then?


          You could create a new NTSC DV sequence, then copy/paste entire contents of HD sequence into it. Titles created in HD may be messed up, other potential issues...again, please provide more detail about the situation so we can find a proper solution


          Thank you


          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            patlandy Level 1

            Thanks for responding Jeff,

            The video comes from 18 individual movies from a cannon FS300 camera. Image size: 720 X 480, Frame Rate: 29:97, imported as .mod format and renamed to .ms2t so that Premiere Pro would recognize the clips.  The videos total 131 minutes, after editing I have 31 clips on the timeline totalling 48 minutes.

            When I started the project I just clicked through the sequence page, forgetting that I had just experimented with some wide angle GoPro video and had set the sequence for a previous video to HDV 1080p30.  After importing and editing the 18 videos I exported the time line and discovered the size to be 49 minutes and only 340 MB.  Previous exports (this is number 8 in a 9 part series) to DV-NTSC_Stardard 48Khz yielded a 40 minute video that was 948 MB.

            I'm trying to determine if I have to re-edit the whole project or if there is any way to salvage the 31 clips as DV-NTSC.

            How would I copy the HDV sequence (31 clips) to a new (Sequence 2) HD-NTSC sequence?


            Pat Landy