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    HTML5 canvas app: flash for presentation layer


      Hi there,


      I'm a html frontend developer, so I'm quite new to this flash environment.

      For a project we're doing right now, however, we decided to go with flash for asset management and presentation layer development.


      So we have an MVC javascript project "finished" already, that uses assets exported from a HTML canvas project in flash pro cc. Right now all functionality is coded inside the javascript project, and only assets, animations, etc are loaded from the exported fla. This seems to work fine. However, there is still a strong connection between the javascript views and the exported assets. Right now we're in the position where we need to reskin the whole application, and to allow external developers to design skins as well. This strong connection between assets and views is becoming a problem.


      For example, at a certain point in our application we have to show a list options with a variable length. So we draw a container in flash that will contain the list, add a mask, create a scrollbar, etc. Then we have code in the javascript project that uses all these elements, adds displayobjects to the container, scroll the whole thing up and down, etc... That means that a skin designer, who only has access to the fla, is unable to make, for example, a theme where this list is shown horizontaly instead of vertically.


      I was wondering how other people handle these scenarios?