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    Adobe Premiere Element 13

    Error plugin DLLs

      Dear all,

      For about 2 months ago I baught a new PC, HP  Pavilion 15.b297e0

      This PC is provided with windows 8.1.

      Later on I baught a program Adobe premiere elements version 13.

      The problem I have is that the burning process to disc will not be completed. It is interuptet at 98% completed encoding or stopped  after some time after the burning has started. The disc has also been ejected when the process is stopped.

      The messages says: 1)Plugincoder error: No plugin DLLs or 2) Transcoding error

      I have unstalled the program and reinstalled it again, but the result is the same.

      So far the program is completely useless as the purpose was to burn video films to DVD.

      What actions shall I take to get the burning process to function as required?

      I have also tested with external burner and the result is the same.

      Video clip I have tested with is AVI format.

      Appreciate very much to my e-mail below advice what to do.


      Best regards

      Stig Andersson