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    Starting still image time jumping


      I am a novice just starting to learn Premiere Pro.  I am starting to put my project sequence together, and I am beginning with a still image that I am doing a Ken Burns effect on.  I have designated the image to pan for 2:00 seconds, and then move on to the next clips (which are videos). 


      My issue is that while I am trying to edit and put effects on the image in the top left hand corner section, the image is jumping from 1:29 to 2:00 for whatever reason.  It is making my effects choppy and the transition looks horrible.


      I have removed the clip from the sequence in the bottom right hand panel, and have tried to start from scratch with it, but it still jumping from 1:29: to 2:00.


      If anyone can help, that would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.