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    I have a transcoding issue


      I was DITing on a pilot yesterday, the production asked me to sound sync the rushes and transcode them to a format suitable for Avid, so I contacted the post house looking after the edit for a specific codec; they specified XDCAM HD .MXF files.


      So I used Premier Pro to do the sync and media encoder for the export. But today the post house are saying they can't view the files in Avid, they they are 'Premier Pro' .MXF's. Annoyingly I've only been able to speak to the account executive that deals with the production company I've been working for and not the Tech who's been ingesting the files, So I've not been able to get any more details about the issue.


      But personally this sounds like nonsense, I was under the impression that an .MXF was a .MXF and that the software used to create it had no bearing on the finished file, or am I wrong?