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    manipulate separate footage trimmings?

    cheyrn Level 1

      I am trying to copy a range of video and change the rate differently for each copy.


      For example, the first 10 frames are sped up. Then a copy of the first 10 frames is slowed down. Then the next 10 frames are appended.


      I think I end up manipulating video outside of the selection when I use timewarp, perhaps because it's using the original footage.


      How would you suggest independently manipulating copies of portions of video?


      I am coming from using avisynth where I separately manipulate ranges of frames as they were in the original. So, for example, if you lengthen the first 10 frames in the output so that it is the length of 20 frames, then to manipulate the next 10 frames from the source video, the selection starts with frame 10 (the 11th frame) instead of where it would be after the first lengthening. The 11th not the 21st.