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    ps cs6 on imac(2011)3,4gh. intel core i7,16gB 1333 mhz ddr,graphic-radeon hd 6970m 2048 mb. since uploade yosemite, programe doesn't run fluently


      Hello everybody.

      i update to yosemite, ps cs6 extended 13.06 x 64

      wont run anymore as fast like before.

      the program is slow like in the 90ths.

      several function wont work as well.

      can t  erase. or the selecting (rectangle) tool wont work in some moments.

      getting default messages like, that i selected less than 50 % pixels even if i select the whole screen.

      i use a wacom. i update it . not sure if the problem is the hardware.


      but before, without yosemite , i was very happy with the program.


      can somebody please help.