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    RSS, need your suggestions and help...

      Hi there, I am new to RSS, I have created my basic rss feed, I used other sample rss feeds for reference (I have pasted my code below questions). My questions are:

      1. I basically want others to have my site name and link. Is this usually what an rss looks like ?
      2. On Coldfusion Support Forum main page, there is a orange 'rss' button on the left top corner, should I include something like that on my page? is it common?
      3. How will other sites 'get' my stuff? If I had that 'rss' button I mentioned above that displays the xml, would they copy that xml into their code? or somehow I have to 'give' them the xml so that they can parse it?
      4. In my code, I create an xml file that I store in my public xml folder, is this for user's convenience?, I saw another sample do this?
      Or when the user clicks my orange 'rss' button, can I just display the xml and the user would just copy my xml?
      ---Thanks so much for helping me in any way, Carol
      *********************** My rss.cfm *****************************************
      <cfset theDatetime = "#dateformat(now(), "ddd, dd mmm yyyy")# #timeformat(now(), "HH:mm:ss")# PST">
      <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="yes">
      <cfsavecontent variable="theXML">
      <cfset synOutPath = GetDirectoryFromPath(GetTemplatePath()) & "syndication\outgoing\">
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      <!-- RSS generated on #theDatetime# -->
      <rss version="2.0">
      <title>Cooking Tips</title>
      <link> http://www.cookingTips888.com</link>
      <description>This is a great way to submit your cooking tips. Please submit a delicious cooking tip</description>
      <url> http://www.cookingTips888.com/assets/devx/3182.gif</url>
      <link> http://www.cookingTips888.com</link>

      title = "Cooking Tips";
      description = "titlelink";
      description = "titlelink";
      date = "titlelink";
      time = "titlelink";
      authors = "titlelink";
      pubDate = date & " " & time;

      <link> http://www.cookingTips888.com/content/id/</link>



      <cffile action="write" file="#synOutPath#/rssCustom.xml" output="#theXml#">

      <cfcontent type="text/xml">