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    Nested multicam sequence issue


      Hi all,


      I have a question which was asked in this place long time ago, but wasn't answered:


      http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/adobe-creative-suite/501141-collapse-multiclip-back-individual -clips.html

      My issue is that I have a two cam project which was shot in many locations with a lot of different people. The biggest problem for me now is those scenes where three people are in a shot and all of them have lavaliere mics on them. Two goes to the first cam and another to the second. I synced everything through creating multicam sequence and then completed my complex editing. And here is my issue - after this is completed, I want to edit my sound in Audition but instead of having four channels of audio (L & R cam1, L & R cam2) I only get L & R from my nested sequence. Is there any chance I can expand audio tracks to have both clips from two seperate cameras in my final edit timeline? I really can't believe this is an issue for me alone..


      I hope I can get any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!