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    Freelance Job  (Back-End Scripting)$

      Seeking an experienced and creative developer/programmer/action script/zinc/problem solver to help me to complete my desktop application project. I have already built my program interface with Flash 8. What I now seek is help with the back-end scripting. THERE IS PAY.

      The main function of this application is to store user data and merge it with a series of "form letters" that can be viewed, edited and printed from within the interface. I thought I could build this myself, but after struggling with scripting, I realize that it's way over my head.

      I am in Los Angeles, but you could be anywhere, as long as we can communicate. I will pay for your time and help, plus a bonus if and when I am able to sell the program.

      If you are this type of experienced programmer and interested in taking on this challenge with me, please contact me directly at: danrosen32@aol.com . Do not respond in here because I won't be checking here.

      Sincerely yours,

      Daniel Rosen

      PS: It would be helpful if you would also let me know a bit about your experience, or if you have samples of your work, descriptions, etc.