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    Working with BMD ProRes422 .mov in PrPro8.1

    CoralVision Level 1

      Hello forum friends,


      (So, this experience has been pretty awful... I've had problems with really all of my media since subscribing to CC - rolled back to previous versions, cleaned, uninstalled, stood on my head and drank water while whistling dixie, everything the forum can suggest, and still glitchy, hanging, dropouts, and other errors in the viewer. Slogging through is terrible, but at least I am not getting crashes. Performance in 8.1 with BMD media has been as bad as with Canon .MXF or the NewTek MPEG2 media I also see in my shop.)


      Anyway, this morning I wrapped up a show shot on a BMD ATEM TVS and recorded to a BMD Hyperdeck studio in ProRes422.mov, and I need the advice of someone more experienced with this gear and the media it produces. I am editing in PrPro8.1 on a Win7 machine - even though i do own QT7pro, for whatever reason PrPro can't edit in ProRes422 natively (boo) so the auto settings on this timeline turn out to be "AVC Intra Class 100" and the "match settings" export comes out as a ".mxf". Can anyone with BMD experience tell me if this default workflow is in fact the best setting for this recorder working with PrPro?? Would I be better off choosing a different recorder format (e.g. DNxHD in a .mov or .mxf wrapper) or forcing the sequence to another setting?


      I prefer to do my target encodes on a Mac in "Compressor" (I gave up on AME a while back) and I am excited about the possibility of native .mxf import in the apple video apps - I will test the PrPro .mxf on this platform in  just a bit, and will come back here to report.




      Eric D - CoralVision