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    I just upgraded to CC (from LR 5) on Macbook Pro and can no longer import to Network Drive.  New version is LR 5.7.  Help?


      Just like the title says: MBP, retina works great with LR 5 installed from CD.  Added CC, upgraded to LR 5.7 and now import "hangs" with no activity.  Have been using LR since version 2.


      More info: the problem is writing to my network drive (which has been working since LR 2...  It seems a Temporary Folder is created with permissions 755 (owner=rw, group=r, others=r),

      then nothing more.


      Has something changed with respect to LR handling of network drives.  This is a Linux CIFS/SMB share (again, been using since LR 2).  Catalog is local on my MBP.