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    Missing Renderer - GPU Acceleration Disabled



      I've been having a problem with premiere lately. When I create new project, the render settings are set for CUDA GPU acceleration. I have no issues while editing the project or when rendering preview files. However, once I save the project, quit premiere, and then later re-open the project, I am presented with the dialog "Missing Renderer" - "This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration, CUDA, which is either not available, or not certified on this system. Mercury Playback Engine Software Only will be used."


      After this message, my timeline opens completely unrendered. I've attempted to change the project setting and reselect GPU Acceleration as the renderer, but the dropdown box is disabled in the project settings menu.


      Can anyone help me with this issue?


      Computer Specs:

      Intel Core i7-3537U

      8GB RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce 710M with 1GB Dedicated RAM


      Any help is appreciated.