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    Premiere elements 13 don`t run


      I ve just upgraded pHotoshop y Premiere elements from versión 8 to v13.... I wish I havent done.....

      Premiere elemenmts is inable to run in my dual monitor invorenment, but about that later....


      I installed PhE 13 without problems (by the way I hate that you need to have an account, for what if I purchased a program and not rented one?....)

      But what happend is that it run once - I close it and tan it want start another time i can see that there is a process called PhotoshopElementsEditor,exe that still runs after closing the program.

      If I kill that process the bad way, I can start PhE 13 another time, but if not it want run.

      What kind of bug is that? how to resolve?

      I préciate all opinions but would like to hear an oficial one, for that I ve paid.....


      Btw. My PC is an I7 with  24GB ram, Firepro with dualmonitor, and 4 SSD. S.O. is W7 pro 64bit.

      All drivers and S.O. are up to date.