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    Need Help - Text Tracking w/ Key Frames (not motion tracking)




      My question involves actual text "tracking" not motion tracking with text. I'm working on a title screen and I need the text characters in the title to spread apart as the title fades into view. I can manipulate the "tracking" value in the "Character" window to whatever I like but I'm having an issue actually animating it from one value to the other (tighter to wider). I added 2 key frames in "Source Text" under the "Text" drop down menu of the text layer but both key frames seemed to locked as 'hold' key frames and it won't let me change it. As you can imagine this causes my title text to pop from one tracking value to the other rather than gradually transitioning.


      Please tell me what I'm doing wrong because I know it must be something pretty simple. (I'm on PC, Windows 7 using After Effects CC btw, if it matters)


      any help is greatly appreciated!