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    Referring to Working Color Spaces in javascript


      I've found the adobe reference to be lacking in this regard as I've been unable to refer to the gray working color space accordingly.


      The reference says that using a string with "Working Gray" or "Working RGB" should refer to their respective working color spaces. In my experience I have not found this methodology to work.


      I can successfully change profiles by doing something like this:


      docRef.convertProfile('KMattePr_50_3_14-3-12.icc', Intent.RELATIVECOLORIMETRIC, true, false)


      but I cannot get it to work this way:


      docRef.convertProfile('Working Gray', Intent.RELATIVECOLORIMETRIC, true, false)


      Given that I'm trying to refer to the "Gray Gamma 1.8" icc profile, it seems like I do not have another option to access it aside from making it my working space and referring to it accordingly.


      Any guidance?