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    Interactive Workbook Question


      I need to create an interactive workbook. The workbook should have areas that participants fill out and can later print as well as submit to a database for grading. Is this possible with InDesign or would another program work better? As an added feature, is it possible to create drag and drop animations and have the results reported to the database.


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You can create forms with InDesign CS6 upwards. You create the form in InDesign and finish them in Acrobat Pro.

          You can export the form from Acrobat in a way that's enabled so the end user can complete the fields, store the data, print and email it to others. You can create fields that have text boxes, radio buttons, tick boxes and so on, but you can't create fields that the end user can use to insert their own images.


          Lynda.com have some useful tutorials on how to do this, for example:




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            dpanzo Level 1

            Hi Derek,


            Thank you for the quick response. I have created forms in Adobe Acrobat before but was looking for something a little more robust. I would like the participants answers to go into a database. So really, I am looking for a combination of things, an interactive textbox that allows participants to type in their answer and then print out each section (which Adobe Acrobat already has and you've already answered) and the ability to capture that information in a database (which I'm not sure Adobe Acrobat or InDesign can handle. Further, I would like to add other types of interactivity such as drag and drop animations--i.e. put the correct step in the right place.


            Thank you again for your response.


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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              I believe you can compile data from Acrobat forms into a spread sheet etc, but drag and drop animations is beyond the capability of Acrobat forms. Have a look at in5 to see whether that can do what you want: