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    which board for the 5960x and any other advice welcome

    coonasty Level 1

      finally pulling the trigger on the cpu.  cant decide on board.  always buy asus boards btw.


      also getting a new nvidia 980 (unless someone really thinks i should splurge for a titan black)

      i have a nvidia 770 4gig that i was gonna sell (unless for some reason i should dual card)

      i have an areca 1882 raid card

      btw cant decide if i want to do 32gig ram or splurge for 64gig


      adobe cc 2014 user...i live in pp, ae, photoshop....+ many hours spent in resolve and cinema 4d


      kinda saw the WS as the go to board in video editors case but just want to see what the others are thinking about it.  i will oc the cpu (moderate not extreme).  would the deluxe suffice or the rampage?