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    Why doesn't Lightroom organise videos/photos lacking "date taken" by "date modified" instead of "date created"?


      This still seems to be a problem with Lightroom 5. This post is one of the top results after trying to Google this problem, and it's for LR3. I can't understand why something so fundamental to video (and some photo) organisation has been overlooked for so long.


      I've been trying to import and organise all my old photos and videos by date with LR5. They've been backed up and copied many times over the years, most recently to an external drive last week. So every file has a "date created" of last week. But "date modified" remains the original recorded date.


      This doesn't matter for photos with a proper EXIF "date taken" - but LR5 looks at the "date created" for videos, making it completely useless for organising them into date-based folders. It puts videos I recorded in 2010 (as per "date modified") into a 2014-12 folder. Why.


      It's not just a video problem - some photos I took with devices that didn't record EXIF "date taken" are also filed into folders from this month, even though the "date modified" on them is correct as being from 5 years ago.


      How can I rely on LR5 for importing and date-based organisation when it relies on files (lacking "date taken") having never been copied or backed up?