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    Importing MXF CC's when slate/countdown is uncaptioned

    OPB Engineering

      Hi there, I just spent 2 hours on a chat with support and the outcome of our discussion is that I should post something here.  First the details:

      Premiere Pro CC kept updated

      Mac OS X 10.8.5

      Mac Pro

      Now the issue:

      I'm importing hundreds of old tapes via a digitization platform called PipelineHD, made by the fine folks at Telestream.  The captures have no caption data for the first 30 seconds, as it is just slate and countdown.  Pipeline writes the file as a DNxHD encoded MXF with captions in the Ancillary Data track as 708's per SMPTE 436m.  Once again, the captions start at around the 30 second mark.

      When importing into Premiere, it shows no captions for these files.  This is only the case when there is more than 15 seconds of no captions at the head of the file.  I've made test files with 15 seconds of slate or less and they import just fine.  It appears that Premiere just gives up if it doesn't see captions within 15 seconds. 

      I exported an MXF test file from Premiere with CC data starting around the 30 second mark, and it wrote a file that Premiere COULD import, I suspect by putting null CDP's in the ANC data.  I understand Adobe's position of not being able to support files from other vendors, but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place here.  Unfortunately, Pipeline only inserts CDP's in the ANC track when it detects incoming 708's or 608's in the SDI stream.  Additionally, inserting captions at the SDI level here is not an option at the moment.

      What I'm looking for is a way to force Premiere to scan the entire file, not just the first 15 seconds.  Can anyone suggest a workaround, or if there are any engineers reading, can you tell me if there is a plist file or other hidden place where I can change this behavior?


      Jonathan Newsome

      Broadcast Engineer

      Oregon Public Broadcasting.