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    PDF to Blurb - incompatible format for uploading

    jackfrombc Level 1

      Using LR 5.3 Book Module. I laid out two books and output them as PDF. Attempted to upload one PDF to Blurb site, but received an error message that PDF was incompatible format. What do I need to set in LR such that it creates a Blurb-compatible PDF? Seems to me that it should be automatic - after all, Blurb is the designated print facility.


      I chose to use the PDF method rather than the "direct upload to Blurb" method because I wanted to review the PDF before printing. A previous book (uploaded directly) contained an error that I did not discover until after it was printed. The rendering process is very slow, so I reasoned that using PDF would only require it to be done once. Apparently I was wrong because I've had to render it a second time for direct upload.