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    AE Effect doesn't is missing or doesn't exist

    Rory Soler


      AEAdobeSS.jpgFirstly, I have attached a screen shot to this email to best show what the problem is and how it's effecting the AE project.

      I purchased a template for AE which must have been made pre After Effects ee 2014, because when I try to open this project it says an effect doesnt exist - ramp.  After some research I found that it may be because in the newest version it has been changed from ramp --> gradient ramp. However, I cannot fix this even after a lot of research today. I am a notice with AE, having used photoshop and premiere I want to purchase AE after testing out this title animation template.


      Can you please clarify how I can fix this? I thought I might be able to change the name of the effect from 'gradient ramp' to 'ramp', but 1) I dont know how to do that and 2) I couldnt even find 'gradient ramp' effect..



      Your help is greatly appreciated as I need this video finished ASAP for work.



      Many thanks