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    How to global replace missing font with OpenType small caps font

    robokev Level 1



      I have a document that was created on a Mac with PostScript fonts, and I am opening it on a PC with the equivalent OpenType fonts installed.


      The document contains the Mercury Text G3 SC (small caps) font which shows up as "missing" on the PC, and I know how to use Find Font to make the substitution, but I am running into a problem.


      The Find Font dialog lets me do global substitutions, but does not seem to let me specify the small caps version of the font in the substitution. All I am given are Roman, and variations of Italic, Bold, and Semibold.




      I have to separately select the text and specify that Small Caps be used, as shown below.



      Needless to say, this would be a tedious way to substitute the PostScript small caps in the original document with equivalent OpenType small caps.


      Is there a way I can tell InDesign to substitute all occurrances of (PostScript) Mercury Text G3 SC with the small caps version of (OpenType) Mercury Text G3?