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    Slow file button response


      Okay I have no clue why premiere is acting this way. Whenever I have my sequence selected and I try to access the file button. It lags for 5-6 seconds before dropping down. I have no clue what is causing this and its a little annoying. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's also a little annoying for someone to post here about lagging performance on their computer who doesn't post any specs on their computer. But we all learn to help each other better, right? There's a FAQ on the overview page that lists suggested info to include in requests for help from the other users (like myself) who help each other out here.


          So ... SPECIFICS .... not "latest" but numbers please.


          -OS/CPU/RAM/vCARD & video driver.

          -Disc layout of your machine, how many, how connected to the mobo (internal, external SATA, USB 2, whatever), and how are your programs, cache files, previews, and footage layed out on the discs available. There's a TON of reading/writing going on, these things count big.

          -camera & codecs involved, plus any effects and especially if any third-party programs or plugins have been used on the timeline.



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            Congaman23 Level 1

            CPU: Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz overclocked to 4.2GHz

            Memory: 8GB

            Video cards: 2 x GTX 760's with 2GB of video memory each.

            Running Windows 7 Ultimate


            Its a brand spanking new project and when I click the file button while the sequence is selected it lags for a few seconds.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Thanks for the info. And hey, we all understand the irritation of lagginess and such. Pain up the oh this is public right ... ah.


              What's the codec & sequence settings, and ... what layout of programs/cache/footage/project/previews do you have on what drives & how connected? Your computer ... thankfully that i5 is overclocked ... is near minimalist on CPU & RAM, so if you've got say everything on one disc that coupled with read & write bottlenecks on multiple levels could slow you quite a bit.