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    InDesign Hyperlinks not updating when book is packaged

    Creative Pod

      We create a 220 page product catalogue using an InDesign book.

      The book contains about 40 documents for each section and the contents page uses Hyperlinks to jump to the sections and back to the contents when exported to PDF.

      All of this works perfectly.

      We then create a second version of this book by simply packaging the book (so we can reprice for the NZ market)

      When we package the InDesign Book to create the second version of the catalogue, the Hyperlinks don't update to link to the version 2 documents.

      So after you have packaged version 2 and you open the contents document and view the Hyperlinks window, all of the hyperlinks are there, but when you Click To Open Destination it opens the version 1 document?


      We then need to manually go through and relink all of he hyperlinks.


      I would expect the hyperlinks would update in the same way Links do after packaging?