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    ASSUMED PROBLEM WITH FONTS IN IE. What can we do? rasterize? replace with graphics?

    juanpol12345 Level 1

      When we use more than one edge compositions in a page, and they have any web font, Internet Explorer WILL ALWAYS REPLACE SOME OR ALL FONTS.


      We can check it in this basic page (only 3 compositions with only one text)...check this page: Inicio

      It work always fine in Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Apple...

      It always have a problem in Internet Explorer.


      Someone here says is a known IE issue...Microsoft says it is a problem in the code or compilation... and we have a BIG problem.


      Any suggestion for saving the work in this ocassion?

      1.- Can we rasterize the text, mantaining animation, keys, etc??

      2.- If not, any easy way for replacing the text elements with graphics, mantaning the animation, keypoints, etc??


      Thanks friends