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    color space and compression question.

    jamskof74 Level 1

      i have a client that i am doing an animation for, i am using their supplied rgb breakdown of their brand colors.

      the client is concerned that their brand colours do not look the same when i send them quicktimes.


      i have tried sending h264, x264 and prores, all look different.


      is it actually possible to export a h264 and have the colours look identical to how they look in after effects?


      is the a quicktime gamma shift thing?


      are my project settings wrong?


      id be interested to hear as to what your project settings are and what you export for "master"  etc..


      my after effects project settings are set up at srgbiec61966+2.1 at 16bit.
      "match legacy after effects quicktime gamma adjustment" is ticked on.

      "compensate for scene referred profiles" is ticked on.