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    Adobe CC Premiere Pro 2014 8.1 Edit while ingest program crashes on OS 10.10.1


      Was using Adobe CC Premiere Pro 2014 8.1 on Mavericks and all was working fine.  Upgraded the OS to Yosemite and now when we try to scrub a growing file, we get a green screen freeze and a Premiere crash.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?


      We CAN input a timecode directly and go to that timecode within the growing file, it is only when we try to SCRUB the file and hit the end that we get the crash.


      A bit more detail:


      growing file is a ProRes 422 Proxy file.

      file is being imported over a network share (gigabit network)


      Still troubleshooting here.  Seems the the hang is caused by a Q32 server hang specifically.  In case anyone else has this strange issue, I will update if we find a fix.