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    Unable to scroll through complete list of typefaces in InDesign (stuck on Document-only list)

    brinkster Level 1


      This is my first time ever posting and if I've posted in the wrong area or incorrectly I apologize.


      Just recently my InDesign (CS6) has encountered a problem scrolling through the typefaces in the drop down menu of the control panel. I have always just selected (highlighted) my text in the document and then proceeded to scroll up/or down in the typeface name's box so that it would cycle through each typeface. This of course would result in being able to preview what my selected text would look like in each typeface as I scrolled through. Well now all of a sudden I can only scroll through my document-only typefaces (that are at the top of my list of typefaces). It basically just keeps cycling through this list of like 5 typefaces over and over. It will not go past the last document-only typeface in the list. If I click on a typeface not in my document currently and start to scroll from there it still jumps back to my document only typefaces. Any idea on what could be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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