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    .nef  Files were in LR, now are not, still on Drive, show up in Import (greyed) what gives?

    Vincent Walter Level 1

      I don't have many issues I can't figure out.  I've been using LR since Beta days... best software since PS.


      Anyway working on existing job,  went to folder in LE 4.4 brought up job.  Noticed that TWO of the photos I am needing to work with aren't in lightroom where I had worked on them last time.  NO panic, there they are in the folder via the Apple desktop finder.  So I go back to re-import job figuring I accidently deleted them from LR cat.

      Well I go to import there the files are (with the other 200) greyed out as if they are STILL in the catalog.  So aside from re-naming the whole job and re-importing the whole job, what gives in this situation?  I checked that all filters are off..  I don't know where to go next.  I've checked everything logical.  I can open the files in question in PS Raw coverter.

      I don't want to change workflow as balance has already been done. I want to adjust a couple things and export the job.  Thanks for responses.