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    I have Problems with Premier Elements 10 Content ?


      My premier Elements 10 loads the content disc, and the additional material is available to use, however the next time i run the program, it says its not available, I have to delete all the contents files on my computer, re install the disk, and hey it works, only for the next time i try to us Premier  Elements it says I have not downloaded and would I like to download from the internet or the disc. Its getting beyond a joke now. 

      How can I install this content permanently?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Could you post a jpg screenshot of the message that Premiere Elements 10 displays with the "not available"?


          Apparently, the files still exist at the computer hard drive location where they were placed at installation. Is that correct?

          Did you install the program to the default Local Disk C? Did you install the Content to a custom location?


          Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges? In addition, have you right click the desktop icon

          for the program and selected and applied Run As Administrator?


          Instead of an uninstall/reinstall of Premiere Elements 10 Content, have you tried deleting the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file or the

          whole Folder in which it exists?


          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on, and what video card/graphics card does your computer use?

          Please verify with Device Manager/Display Adapters area.


          With further details from you , we will customize a reply for troubleshooting of the issue.


          Thank you.