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    ScrollPane Change Colors

      Please help with the action script code to change the Color default on the Scroll Pane from the Componets window. Need to change it to a different color, I can only find code in CSS for HTML scroll bars but not for FLASH.

      Thanks for your help
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          mclem Level 1
          The scrollPane has several styles you can set using setStyle("property", "value")

          the styles you can set are themeColor, border styles, scrollTrackColor, symbolColor, symbolDisabledColor. The first two you pass strings as the value and the last 3 you pass the hexadecimal value of the color you would like to set it to.

          themeColor accepts "haloGreen", "haloBlue", "haloOrange" as possible values with a default of "haloGreen"

          so to set the themeColor to orange you would do something like:
          myScrollPane_mc.setStyle("themeColor", "haloOrange");

          Search for customizing the scrollpane component in the flash help for more information.

          mark C
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            mclem Level 1
            You also have the option of re-skinning the scroll bars. The scroll bar component is made up of 13 seperate movieclips, to customize them navigate to your flash folder open the "en" folder then "configuration" and "componentFLA" open the "StandardComponents.fla", if using mx 2004 it would look something like this: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\ComponentFLA\

            once the "StandardComponents.fla" file is open go to "Flash UI Components 2/Themes/MMDefault/ScrollBar Assets/States" in the library and make your edits

            for more info search for "customizing the uiscrollbar component" and "about skinning components" in flash's help.