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    English version of AE, German keyboard. How?

    wdburgdorf Level 1

      Yes, I know, this has been discussed several hundred times already, and I have read tens of threads - no solution.


      I have a German layout keyboard and an English language version of AE CC. Several (or many?) shortcuts don't work for me. I know, I can change the layout file. It's a huge file and I don't even know how to find the comand that I need to change. I'm only beginning to learn AE. And I don't want to spend all day trying shortcuts, find them in the file, change them, retry, etc. If I just had a copy of the German layout file, maybe I could copy/paste it's contents into the English file?

      Does anyone have a copy to share? Why doesn't Adobe offer these files for download, or even better: Let me select my keyboard layout in the preferences!


      I could install the German version, then copy that file, then re-install the English version. Quite a pain, though, and I still hope there is a better way. - And I'd appreciate your help.