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    Transferring a license


      Hi there,


      I work for a large organisation and I've been using InDesign CS3, which was purchased 7 years ago and probably under the name of my manager. It was used by my predecessor, and then I took over his computer. Now we purchased CS6 and I would like to give CS3 to my colleague, who works in the same office for the same company. What would be the correct way to do it - do I need to somehow de-activate it before uninstalling it from mine and putting it on hers computer? Or just go ahead with it? I have the serial number written on a piece of paper.




      The chat thingy on the web doesn't work and the phone support doesn't cover CS products, arrrgh.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should deactivate on your machine just to free it up.  Then you should be able to just hand over the serial number with the disc if you have it.  As long as the business owns the license and it is not leaving their ownership there should not be any licensing issue.


          The chat will work but sometimes you have kick its tires.  They would not likely support anything more than deactivating the software though.  You can do that yourself using the Help menu in one of the applications.

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            Lioshenka Level 1

            Thanks Ned - I thought that rather than waiting until to-morrow to see if chat works then, I'd rather ask here, as the forum members seem to be very quick to reply - and indeed you were!


            OK, what if the deactivate option isn't there? Suppose I don't need to do anything on my old computer? I do have a registration option though.