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    ColumnSeries offset problem

      Hi all,

      I'm relatively new to Flex, and have a quick question regarding a ColumnChart with multiple data series. I have a chart with one ColumnSeries and three LineSeries. When it renders, my ColumnSeries (first in the list) is way offset to the left. I've tried setting the offset and columnWidthRatio properties but still my ColumnSeries is rendering to the left. Ideally I'd like all 4 series to line up on center. Are there any tricks for doing this? Here is a screenshot of my issue

      my code is below:

      <mx:ColumnChart dataProvider="{_salesForecast}" hideEffect="Fade" showEffect="Fade" id="ccSalesForecast" width="100%" showDataTips="true" height="100%">
      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="FORECASTDATE"/>
      <mx:ColumnSeries offset="50" displayName="Actual Sales" yField="ACTUALSALES" showDataEffect="{interpolate}"/>
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" itemRenderer="mx.charts.renderers.DiamondItemRenderer" displayName="BI Forecast" yField="BIFORECAST" showDataEffect="{interpolate}" />
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" itemRenderer="mx.charts.renderers.DiamondItemRenderer" displayName="First Sales Forecast" yField="FIRSTSALESFORECAST" showDataEffect="{interpolate}" />
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" itemRenderer="mx.charts.renderers.DiamondItemRenderer" displayName="Last Sales Forecast" yField="LASTSALESFORECAST" showDataEffect="{interpolate}" />

      Thanks in advance,