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    IDML files freeze up program, fonts won't show, exporting very slow

    debbiep12 Level 1

      I was contacted by someone from Adobe, then case was closed before I could get back to them with details

      Case #0186178987

      case was closed before resolution was reached. How do I re-open this? I tried the Customer Support Portal but it did not open the case - just logged it as closed again.



      I have PC, 64 bit, and am Creative Cloud team member.


      I am having issues with InDesign CC 2014:

      Updated program 2 weeks ago. Uninstalled an older version of InDesign yesterday, now InDesign files do not have the icon (they are blank) and computer does not recognize program to use when trying to open Indd files with Explorer, but they will open when in InDesign & use "file" "Open", etc.

      Oh, and trashed preferences yesterday with no result either.

      I am experiencing:


      1. freezing when trying to open IDML files, have to use task manager to close program

      2. fonts that are on my system (PC) not being automatically linked when InDesign files are opened and

      3. extended length of time to export files to PDF (last one took 13 minutes).


      Any ideas would be welcome!