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    Where are role and administrator settings saved?

      We have had issues in the past that have caused us to have to re-setup our site, including all administrative settings and all roles and users. Surely all of this is saved somewhere. If we just knew where, we could backup the info for an easier restore if further problems ensue.

      Anyone know how to backup site settings?
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          abna Level 1
          I got the following reply on a separate forum:


          For a website that has been administered by Contribute (Publishing server is not enabled), you would find an _mm folder in the website root on the remove server. This is a contribute specific folder and it contains the administrative settings, role information and users.

          For CPS managed sites, the _mm folder still holds the information about the administrative settings and role information. The user information of the sites are stored in the Database folder of CPS. The Database folder can be found in the following location, <CPS Install Path>\Database.