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    Controlling video and timelines from main stage. Can it be done?

    CTLVideo Level 1

      The set up:

      I have 3 Symbols on the main Stage.
      Each Symbol has a video and 4 text sections, with the text appearing below the video.

      When the video reaches a certain point, the text changes (for instance, when the video is talking about Widget 1, Text 1 appears, then when it reaches the part about Widget 2, Text 2 appears, etc). Getting and keeping everything synchronized is very important.


      The goal:
      Having a button that will pause both the video AND the text when clicked so they stay in sync.


      The fly in the ointment:

      The goal is pretty easy to accomplish by simply having a button in the Symbol that will stop the text and pause the video. The problem is that since there are 3 Symbols on the stage, when the button is clicked, it needs to stop any other videos that are currently playing. For instance, someone is viewing Video 1, but they decide that they'd rather watch Video 3, so they click on the button for Video 3, but Video 1 (and its Timeline with the text) is still playing after they hit that button. How do I make it so that when they click on Button 3, Video 1 (and its timeline) stops playing?

      The other fly:

      Right now, there are only 3 of these video players on the Stage, but more may be added later. The code I use must be flexible enough to adapt, so I don't have to add additional lines of code to every button every time a new video is added.