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    Importing indesign with links into another indesign doc, challenge


      I think i know the answer to this, but it never hurts to ask.


      I have a set of Indesign files that contain links for PDF exports. At times i need to send out all of the separate file as one PDF. So to save having to do double edits to the separate files and the Single file containing all of them, i created a file and imported the separate Indesign files, so when a change is made to a separate file it automatically updates the larger file containing everything.


      My problem is this. The separate files have links to URLs in them for exporting to PDF. But when i export the larger file containing all the separate files, i loose the ability to export a PDF and still keep the URL links.


      Is there a way to do this that i dont know, or even a work around.


      Thanks guys and gals, i appreciate any help.