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    Style's formatting is not applied


      When I apply a style to text that I've copied and pasted from Word into a Robohelp topic, the style's formatting is not being applied. The dropdowns for the font style and size associated with the selected style remain blank, and the text's formatting does not change. So for example, I am selecting text in the topic that is arial 10 and apply a bodytext style that is defined to have Calibri 11, but it doesn't work.


      This has started happening recently and has practically made the application unusable. Any ideas for why this is happening and how I can fix it? On an unrelated note, we did have an issue with corruption, where I was getting a root.fpj error, so I upgraded from RH 9 to RH 11, created a whole new project, and imported the TOC and topics from the corrupted project. I haven't gotten the root.fpj error again since doing that (a week ago) but the style issue is still occurring after the upgrade and new project creation.