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    How can I delete all duplicate frames in a clip?


      I'm working with footage captured from a game engine on a Mac.  When the graphics processing get's intense the graphics card struggles to keep up.  What ends up happening is that the card continues to output every frame (e.g., it does not skip frames) but is only able to do so at a reduced pace - say, five frames a second.  The screen cap software just captures at a predetermined rate - say, thirty frames per second.  The result is that the captured clip has loads of sequential duplicate frames.  The good thing is that since no frames were skipped you get a buttery-smooth playback if you manually (tediously) remove every single duped frame.


      So, is there any tool that will automate this process?  There is a script that does exactly what I need called Duplicate Frame Remover available at Duplicate Frame Remover - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com but sadly, this script is not compatible with After Effects CC.  Can anyone think of any other option for After Effects or Premiere?  Ideally this would cut out the audio for the duped frames as well.




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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sounds like it's a problem with the video card in your computer.  I'd say you need a better one that can keep up with your game system.  Then when you record, you'll get everything.


          If you record at a constant frame rate but the card only shows you every 5th frame, you'll make the motion five times faster if you remove the duplicated frames. 

          By the way, AE has no automatic way to remove every 5th frame.

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            MatthewHales Level 1

            The frame rate varies depending on what's happening in the simulation, and there is a clock in the scene, so I have verified that when you remove duplicate frames manually you get a clip where one second=one second and perfectly smooth playback.  I'm running dual GTX 980s in SLI, so faster card isn't really feasible.  In any case the capture is of an intense physics simulation and I've since determined that the graphics aren't the bottleneck, rather the CPUs are - and those are equally muscular, so not a lot of room for improvement there either.  Anyway, as I said above, a tool exists, it's just not compatible.  I was just hoping someone else had picked up the gauntlet and written a similar script that works with CC.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Well, as a CC renter, you also have access to AE CS6, and the script you mention might work in it.   You can download it, immediately update it and give it a whirl.  It won't interfere with the other AE versions on your machine.

              That's a pretty handy script; didn't know about it.  It's also remarkable that removing duplicated frames doesn't affect the speed of motion.  Who woulda thought.

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                MatthewHales Level 1

                I didn't know that I had access to CS6 - that should work! thanks for that info.  Yeah, the reason it doesn't effect speed of motion in this case is because the GPU is being used as a standard renderer just like you might use Max or Maya for, where you set a frame rate and it chews through the processing overnight, slowing down and speeding up output rate depending on content.  Only difference in this case is that it displays the frames as they render and can typically do so at a high enough rate as to appear real-time.  The simulation I'm processing is just bringing the rig to it's knees though, so real-time isn't close to possible.  In any case, thanks again for the tip about CS6 access.

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                  kev d pal

                  Digging this old question up to see if you had any success?

                  Did the script work for you in CS6?



                  I have read that that script only functions in versions of AE up to CS 4.
                  I really don't want to have to remove duplicate frames in my footage manually. I have about 90 minutes of footage in which frames have been duplicated at a very strange cadence that I've never seen before and makes no sense to me. (5-1dupe, 5-1dupe, 4-1dupe, repeat).

                  Any help would be greatly appreciated!