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    Creating new project in RH HTML or importing existing source files

      I am generating HTML Help File using RH (X5.02) for Word (Word 2000). My current CHM needs links to some DOC or XLS files and I cannot get this to work properly so, as this Help File is not too large, I have decided to import my project into RH for HTML as it said in the documentation that hyperlinks of this sort are supported.
      1. If I try importing my Word source files, I am told the database cannot be created because the directory may be read-only . I have talked to my Infra colleagues who tell me the directory is not read-only, that everything is fine and that it is nothing to do with them.
      2. If, out of despair, I try to create a new project, I go through the choice of the output type then onto the screen where you specify the project name, the location, the name of the first topic. When I click on 'Finish', I am back to the Output file type and nothing else happens. If I use Windows Explorer, my directory for the project has been created, a few files are in there (with cpd, glo, hpr, syn and css extensions), but no project file.
      Aaaaaaaaaaargh, I am starting to stress about this .
      Has anyone else experienced this before? What can I do?